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What you’re doing is the perfect formula for getting what you’ve got.

With 20+ years and 1000’s of case studies, we see that there are very common patterns – each pattern gets its result.  If you want a different result all you need to do is run a different pattern.  Here are two patterns, “The Crowd” and “The Rewired.”  One has an average life and the other, someone yesterday called it a “blessed” life.  Interesting.  Here are the differences.  Which one are you?  Which one do you want to be?  Watch>>>>

P.S. After shooting this video the camera man said, “That was really good, but what about real life examples..?”  He was right!  So I immediately shot 3 more videos with very specific methods and actions we take to get 2x-20x better results  – watch for the upcoming 3-part series.

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