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Fascinating how we make our money  – simple, focused, massive action.   But then we get “smart” and immediately increase complexity and business goes into the toilet.  We’re left wondering why we feel spread thin, have high over head and no longer feel in control of the game – that feeling sucks, doesn’t it?

But there seems to be a solution – and it comes from asking this one simple question, “How can I use my resources to make things simpler?”

Richard, of course, has known this all along.  But me, I’m not quite where Richard is, I need to remind myself of this in every thing I do, every sentence I write, every action I take.

How about you? Try it now.  How can your game change by asking that one simple question?

“How can I use my resources to make things simpler?”

The answer, the one that is in your mind right now.  Do it, it’s right.

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