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These days you hear all the talk about “disrupting industries, massive change, yadda yadda yadda..” It’s not “redefine how you do business… it’s more like “refine” how you think about business. You’re not really going to, nor do you want to redefine, interrupt, disrupt the way you or anyone else does business, what you want is less pain, not more.

You want certainty and significance and variety and community.

The only time you want disruption is when things are really painful – for most, they’re not.

You want simple, for God’s sake, you want simpler and more effective and easier – you just want things to work and for there to be common sense in the world, right?

Try this: Focus on you, how can you be more effective with less fight, fewer people. How can you align your resources to free up your time and provide more profit? How can you do more of what you enjoy and fold more of that into your business and what you do everyday. What you’ll find is that you’ll enjoy more and hate less, earn more and feel more invigorated… Who knows you may end up disrupting what people think is possible by them observing the actions of someone demonstrating what’s possible – and enjoying life in the process.

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